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If you need dialysis, you first need to have an access placed. Fortunately, you can get your dialysis access from the comfort of the Precision Health Center office in Miami, Florida. There, Carlos Sanchez, MD, and his team offer minimally invasive arteriovenous (AV) fistula dialysis access placement with the Ellipsys® Vascular Access System. To learn more, call the office or make your dialysis access consultation appointment online today.

Dialysis Access Q & A

Why would I need dialysis?

You need dialysis when your kidneys can’t function the way they should. Your kidneys work to filter your blood, removing waste and keeping your fluid and electrolyte levels balanced. When your kidneys can’t play that role, dialysis steps in. 

During this treatment, you’re connected to a dialyzer. This machine takes your blood, filters it, and returns it to your body. To connect to the dialyzer, you first need a dialysis access point. 

How does dialysis access work?

Your Precision Health Center provider places your dialysis access in your arm. While there are multiple dialysis access options, the Precision Health Center team offers arteriovenous (AV) fistulas. 

A fistula joins an artery and vein to create a strong vein for your dialysis treatment. During this minor procedure, your provider chooses a vein that’s near an artery and connects it to the artery. This enlarges and strengthens the vein, preparing it for dialysis.  

The Precision Health Center team uses the Ellipsys® Vascular Access System to create your AV fistula. With this innovative system, your provider forms your fistula via an injected cannula (similar to a needle) that uses thermal energy to connect the vein and artery. 

The Ellipsys system uses ultrasound to guide your provider as they form your dialysis access. The entire process takes 30 minutes or less and only requires local anesthetic. 

Because this procedure is minimally invasive, you don’t have to worry about pain or scarring and you can return home the same day. 

Why offer AV fistulas?

The team at Precision Health Center offers AV fistulas because they create long-lasting dialysis access with a lessened risk of infection or clotting compared with other dialysis access options. 

While catheters are easy to place, they only function temporarily. Grafts require the placement of soft tubing to connect your vein and artery, increasing your risk of infection since outside material is used during the procedure. 

With the Ellipsys Vascular Access System, your Precision Health Provider creates your fistula without the need for open surgery. Once formed, the fistula provides you with a strong vein ideal for dialysis therapy. 

To learn more about dialysis access, call Precision Health Center or make your appointment online today.