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If you’ve struggled to lose weight, you’re not alone. Around 71% of American adults are overweight or obese, and like you, many are trying to be free of unwanted fat. Carlos Sanchez, MD, and the team at Precision Health Center in Miami, Florida, partner with you to help you get rid of fat and reach your weight loss goals. Options include body shaping, SmartLipo™, thermal detox, and much more. Get started on your weight loss plan by calling today or booking your consultation online.

SmartLipo and Weight Loss Q & A

How can I lose weight?

The team at Precision Health Center is here to support you on your weight loss journey. They offer a broad range of treatments to eliminate fat for good. Plus, an on-site physician provides medical guidance for all weight loss treatments at Precision Health Center.

What are my weight loss options?

You have a variety of options to lose weight at Precision Health Center. Depending on your individual goals, the team may recommend one of the following modalities:

Lipocontour ultrasonic-cavitation body shaping

This noninvasive weight loss therapy turns fat cells into soluble fatty acids that your body's system can wash away. The treatment is ideal for addressing unwanted fat in your buttocks, thighs, and abdomen.


With this technique, your Precision Health Center provider makes multiple tiny injections of vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts to remove excess fat and tighten skin. Mesotherapy treatment also may smooth the appearance of cellulite.

Thermal detox

In thermal detox, your provider wraps you in a thermal blanket to trigger lipolysis, a process that breaks down fat cells, which your body then carries away. The method may eliminate unwanted fat, trim inches off your body, and combat cellulite.

What is SmartLipo for weight loss?

If you haven’t achieved your weight loss goal with diet and exercise, Precision Health Center offers SmartLipo, an effective FDA-cleared treatment to permanently eliminate fat. 

SmartLipo is an alternative to traditional liposuction. The treatment targets the most common problem areas, such as your:

  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Neck

SmartLipo can provide dramatic improvements compared to conventional weight loss methods. It requires minimal downtime and is less painful than traditional liposuction. 

What happens during SmartLipo for weight loss?

Your provider numbs your treatment area and then makes a small incision. They insert a thin single laser fiber through a small tube into the areas of fat you’d like to remove. The fiber transmits thermal energy directly to the fat cells, bursting them for easy removal. 

At the same time, surrounding tissues grow tighter through coagulation, giving you a smoother shape overall. The therapy requires minimal downtime. You can resume your daily routine approximately 24-72 hours after treatment, and begin exercising again after three weeks in most cases.

You don't need to struggle to achieve the shape you've always wanted. Call Precision Health Center today or schedule a consultation online to discuss weight loss options.

Individual results may vary.